Oftentimes I’m more interested in what goes into making a creative work than the finished product itself.  There are still a few youtube clips like this of classic recordings being dissected by the people who made them in the studio where they isolate individual tracks.  Unfortunately some have been yanked due to copyright claims, including one of my favorites, which is Paul and George Harrison (and I think also George Martin) reviewing Tomorrow Never Knows that was probably from Beatles Anthology.

Still, for anyone who wants to know what made classic rock classic, this segment on Bohemian Rhapsody will teach you a lot.  Brian May is a true gentleman very giving when it comes to sharing everything he knows about Queen.

As far as modern producing goes, there doesn’t seem to be much happening along these lines.  I have a lot of respect for Nigel Godrich through his work with Beck.  Some of the tones and atmospherics he manages to create are very unique.  Also, the anal-retentive recording process of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories is well documented.  But the big difference then vs. now is that back then you had to build things up mostly track by track by recording analog sources.  These days it can be largely keyed in via a sequencer and/or auto-tuned to death.