I like to avoid posts that do nothing but share a video that speaks for me, but I’d like to make an exception.  It touches on a lot of my beefs about today’s movies.

What I find kind of sad is that a purely comedy site like CRACKED has to school Hollywood.  It reminds me of how comedy (think SNL Sean Spicer) is a stronger political force than any activism.

In the old days Roger Ebert would have delivered an essay like this straight, but anything that has a point to make gets more attention when it’s surrounded by the sugar-pill of entertainment, more specifically, comedy.

The funny thing here is that there’s a very limited feedback-channel for “you made a bad movie” because if you plunked down your money to see a movie only to bash it, you still voted an endorsement with your wallet.  And there are plenty of movies with low Rotten Tomatoes scores that made a ton of money.  And this ignores the rubber-stamp of the Chinese moviegoing public who seem to have no prerequisites for a movie other than explosions.  So the segment at the end explaining how the sameness will reach a point of diminishing box-office so far hasn’t been the case.  Audiences may be increasingly bored and yet they have come to sort of accept things as the new normal, and the only coping mechanism is ranting on Youtube like this as a form of community and additional attention-getting.

So by and large the system is broken.  The reason artsy films like Arrival and La La Land are so celebrated is that they’ve become such stylistic outliers.  They don’t have to be the best at their genre.  They just having the courage to attempt it is worthy of them getting awards.

The sad thing is that the industry doles out awards with sort of an film-snob bent while the suits the decide which films get made (or who makes them, in the case of frequent offenders like Snyder and Abrams) just continue on their merry way.  In the end there’s very little incentive to change things up.