I am nothing if not a basket of hangups when it comes to trends in filmmaking.  The top ones are lens-flare and shaky-cam, but there’s something else that’s sort of always bugged me, and that’s the preponderance of gun-pointing in movie posters.

If you take a look at the google image search result it pretty much tells you everything you need to know.  What I find most disturbing is the degree genre that used to have very little to do with gunplay have now been festooned with guns.  The most obvious one that sticks out here is Sherlock Holmes, who used to be just a solver of mysteries but now apparently runs around pointing guns at people.


For an interesting (almost comical) flip of the cliche is this poster of John Wick 2 where the guns are pointed AT the protagonist instead of the other way around.


The most typical poster features a character pointing a gun either directly at the camera or slightly off-angle.

The almost comically exaggerated perspective of this Dirty Harry poster demonstrates the level of importance given to the gunplay in the Dirty Harry franchise

Ever since John Woo films and The Matrix the fashion trend has been for both hands to be holding guns at once.


Apparently now all action stars are ambidextrous

The more one is immersed in media the more one sees the patterns.  The more you see the patterns, the more predictable and repetitious things seem.  It’s not so much that I’m anti-gun, but I do kind of tire of the need to sell action movies by virtue of predictable “action posing” which is sort of the masculine equivalent of a supermodel pouting with pursed lips for a perfume ad.

Movie promotion in general is the most cliche’ ridden artform (if you can call it that).  That’s why “in a world” became a punch-line or the use of Carmina Burana.  I don’t think the entire industry has ever had an original idea.  It just very slowly evolves, like the newest cliche involving inserting 3D text between characters in the actual movie (which I find incredibly cheesy) or the use of an extremely obvious classic rock song and inserting a punch-line *.

I guess I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this Mondayafter binging on popcorn with Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  I guess I’m pining for some oddball art-house fare or just anything that doesn’t play things by the numbers of modern fashion trends.  That’s really what this blog was supposed to be about more than just covering the newest blockbusters.


  • At least the logo is 80s retro on that one.