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Arts & Entertainment Appreciation for the Jaded Gen X-er


Sorry, but yeah.  Like so many other people, I think my opinions on arts & entertainment matter.

What’s going to be different about this blog vs. all the others?

Well, it’s going to be non-ironic.  In fact you could say I’m starting this blog as a reaction against the sort of Mystery Science 3000 style (mostly video) blog sites like CinemaSins that are intended to do one and only one thing, which is to goof on movies.  I feel like that is really only a form of performance-art, kind of like what Top Gear does with cars.

I am interested in sharing the substance of what it is I like (or hate) and why, not to just find trivial “gotcha” continuity errors and plot-holes just to push people’s buttons.

The reason I’m calling it “overthehill” reviewer is because I am anticipating right out of the starting gate that anybody who comes my way will disagree with my opinions.  And the reason they’ll disagree is mostly due to the generation gap.  I’m Generation X.  My vantage-point is very different from today’s prime youth demographic.  And I’m not quite ready to just kind of go kindly into that good night.  I’m going to do my best to convey my disaffection for most of today’s fare and to call people’s attention to some oddball stuff from decades past.

Does that mean this is a nostalgia site?  Well, maybe.  But there’s a lot of well-trodden ground with nostalgia.  For a long time I didn’t watch a heck of a lot of TV but I’ve started catching up again.  I’m revisiting some things with decades long gaps between my first exposure and now.  So I’d like to think I can share some unique insights and not just play on the same Generation X riffs over and over again.

What’s really pushing me to share some of these thoughts is a new crop of cable channels catering to what I call the “catheter crowd”.  Me-TV, Cozi TV, Decades, GetTV.  Their prime demographic is really a good 20 years or more older than I am, but the fact is that the programming on these shows are things I remember when I was a kid.  I might have been really young at the time, but I remember it.

So most of what I’ll be writing about are things that I stumble upon from these channels, although I will also share opinions on the new stuff out there, but most of that will be in the form of rants, because as much of a geek I am, I’ve just gotten tired of the endless stream of superhero movies.

I also want to offer a shoutout to another blog site that I’ve followed for many years called Space 1970.  That blog’s focus is narrower than mine, but what I liked about it was it avoided being jokey and irreverent and just covered the material seriously.  That blog provides a model for how to do this right.

Anyway, to those that think there’s nothing “wrong” with today’s entertainment who will invariably fill the comments section with bile:


–OTH Reviewer